What is a Pallet Rack Enclosure Kit?

Pallet Rack Enclosures kits are a simple and easy solution to secure your inventory and minimized your shrinkage. Rack enclosure kits can be attached to an existing pallet racking system to completely enclose high-value items, products, parts, and tools.  A complete enclosure kit consists of wire mesh panels on the back, ends, and top of the rack, with either a sliding or hinged door on the side for access. The panels and doors are made of 10-gauge wire and are welded in a 2" x 2" square mesh. The wire mesh is then welded into a 13-gauge rolled-formed angle frame.

Pallet rack enclosure end panels are attached to the pallet rack end with flush mount angle clips. To separate multiple bays, end panels are manufactured with a flat frame which allows the panels to be attached to the pallet rack end with self-tapping screws. Back panels are also attached directly to the rack with angle clips We offer three different mounting clips that allow an offset which ranges from flush mount (or no offset) up to 6". These mounting clips allow your pallet load to overhang but still maintain inventory security and safety for workers. Offset clips come in lengths up to 12" long which allows you to mount panels between back-to-back rows of pallet racks, providing a strong and secure wall to two rows of rack simultaneously.

There are two door styles for pallet rack enclosure kits, sliding and double-hinge doors. Sliding doors mount directly to the uprights of the pallet rack and are sized from 8'-0" x 8'-0" up to 12'-0" x 20'-0" high and use minimal space. Hinged doors can be easily mounted to pallet rack uprights with common hand tools and can be up to 12’0” wide x 20’ high. Door posts are included and attach directly to your existing uprights.

You can shop our Pallet Rack Enclosure kits here. If you do not see a solution that fits your needs contact us and we can work on a custom cage for you!

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