Customizing Wire Cages and Partitions

Cages and partitions often need to be customized to your space and requirements, and this is where American design and manufacturing have their advantages. Whether you need custom sizes, notches to avoid obstructions, panel materials, colors, lock types, or specific design elements to meet compliance requirements–we have you covered. We have the experience and technical teams to design, quote, and deliver the best solution for your budget and operational needs. Check out our other wire cage industry solutions for additional ideas and information.

Size and Design Customizations

Designed to your space, no barrier too challenging

We can quickly create a solution utilizing our many existing designs and options that will be unique to your facility's needs. Sizing and design considerations to cover in your request:

  • Desired height: common sizes are: 8' 5-1/4"; 10' 5-1/4"; 12' 5-1/4" however we can custom build to any height
  • Door type: hinged, double-hinged, or sliding (bottom pictures)
  • Is a ceiling desired? Does it need to flush mount to the ceiling or floor, or is our standard sweep (gap from bottom to floor) desired?
  • Facility obstructions to know about (bottom right picture)
  • Need for adjustable panels to get as precise as possible (second picture from top-left)
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Door and Window Options

A complete line of doors and closure options

Check out some of our optional door and closure types:

  • Universal hinged doors, hinged left or right with the ability to swing in or out with optional ADA lever handles or push bar exists
  • Sliding tunnel doors for no overhead obstructions
  • Service windows: padlock-able, slide-up, or sash-balanced
  • Door closure options: electric slide door opener, hinged door closer, and counter-balanced self-closing slide doors
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Door Lock Options

Standard and custom lock solutions

Many optional lock and key choices are available along with our standard locks. Many of our most popular lock and key choices are pictures and listed below. We are happy to help with additional options, including integrated electronic options.

Standard Cylinders 

  • Standard locks are supplied keyed differently
  • Keyed-alike locks are available
  • Optional Master Key available

Alternate Cylinders

  • Any 1” mortise cylinder
  • 5, 6, or 7 pin acceptable
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Standard and Custom Color

Our store offers our standard and most popular colors, however, we have a variety of additional colors that we can quickly produce by special order. We can also color-match any PMS color. Up-charges apply for special order colors and PMS matches.

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Mesh and Panel Options

Mesh and panel options to accomplish your security and compliance requirements

  • Our signature partition solution is a woven 2" x 1" 10 gauge wire mesh (we call it our Style 840), it provides excellent durability and hides dings that can happen over time due to its woven nature
  • Our signature 2" x 2" 10 gauge welded mesh is our standard for our rapid machine guarding products and pallet safety products, providing strong yet economical mesh solutions
  • A list of additional mesh sizes and panel materials can be found on the left, accomplishing various compliance requirements for DEA-approved cages, server room cages, and more
  • Please contact us for quotes on the specific sizes and mesh types your application requires and we will be in touch soon!
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Shop Standard Cages

Now that you viewed how you can easily request a quote to customize a cage, feel free to review some of our most popular standard cages or request a quote to start a project now.

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