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Below you will find our complete installation manuals. Each order is provided with the specific installation manual for the products ordered. Our products are designed and manufactured for relatively easy installation. We are here to support you however with any questions, please feel free to call 844-863-7670 or complete our online contact us form for any help pre, or post-order.

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Installation FAQs

Yes, all orders include necessary installation manuals, which can also be viewed before on our installation manual webpage.

We are here to support you long after your purchase. If you have any questions prior or after to purchasing our trusted products, please just contact us and we will quickly help you. If you would like help finding an installer, or having us handle that, we can help.

Our panels install horizontally between tubular posts. Stack two or more panels between posts to reach the desired height. Stock-sized panels come in widths of one (1) to ten (10) feet in one-foot increments. Mount panels to posts with standard nuts and bolts (provided), or use tek screws. Anchor posts to the floor using stud anchors (provided).

Yes, materials may be reconfigured. All of our standard Style 840 wire partition panels are interchangeable, and there is no difference between wall and ceiling panels. When reusing posts, be sure to recognize the three different types: Door, Run, and Corner. Details can be found in the instruction manuals.

Yes, the height of the partition may be increased by adding post extensions and additional wall panels. We offer optional parts and accessories to make this easier, just contact us and we can help.

Yes, you can use tek screws for assembly. All panels are punched with small slotted holes for tek screw assembly and large slotted holes for thru-bolt assembly. We recommend using the 3/8" nuts and bolts provided with your order because of the added adjustment and flexibility they offer.

The product is designed to be installed indoors. We recommend using different coatings - such as galvanizing - if the product will be used in outdoor applications.

No, partition and cage panels are not designed to be installed vertically. Hole layouts on posts and panels will not align if this is done.

This requires a simple modification to the posts and layout but can be easily accomplished. Please contact us for a quote with your requirements and we will bring it to life.

The need for field bracing depends on each individual layout and site condition. Most installations do not need to be secondarily braced. Long straight runs are a good candidate for field bracing, as are extra tall installations. We offer several optional parts to make this job easier; contact us for our different options.

In most cases, ceiling panels are attached to wall panels with the slotted angle that is bolted to the edge of the top wall panel. Ceiling tubes may also be used as horizontal supports for the ceiling. Specific methods of attachment are detailed in the installation instructions.

The Door Posts are designed to accept mounting hardware for adjacent wall panels. Corner or Run Posts areΒ notΒ needed next to Door Posts.

Product FAQs

Cages and partitions often need to be customized to your space and requirements. As a division of Conveyer & Caster Corporation, we have the engineering, support, and project management to deliver the best solution for your budget.

Please submit a request through our contact us form and we will be in touch right away. You can customize the size, mesh, doors, colors, sweep, and even add electronic locks. We have done it all, even working around the most complex floor and ceiling obstructions and safety compliance requirements.

Our store offers our standard and most popular colors, however, we have a variety of additional colors that we can quickly produce by special order. We can also color-match any PMS color. Upcharges apply for special order colors and PMS matches. Please contact us for a fast and custom quote.

Yes, all products are backed by our WireCrafters limited one-year warranty. See more information on our warranty page.

Yes, necessary mounting hardware is provided for all orders. This includes the bolt-together and floor anchoring hardware for post and panel orders and cage kits.

If you are ordering Pallet Rack safety guards (RackBack), you will have to select and order separately the flush or offset hardware kits to install. Pallet Rack enclosure kits include necessary hardware and document the provided hardware in the product descriptions.

10 gauge wire is our standard specified wire for its strength and security advantages. Generally speaking, the diameter of 10 gauge wire is slightly larger than 1/8 of an inch.

You can add a ceiling to your cage or enclosure at any time. However, if you are considering adding a clear-spanned ceiling, you should plan for it in your original layout. Depending on the width of your enclosure, we may need to position posts directly opposite each other in order to support ceiling tubes for attaching the ceiling panels.

Yes, we use the same panels for walls and ceilings; there is no difference between the two.

The sweep space is the open area between the floor and the bottom of the panels. It is designed into the system for housekeeping purposes (i.e. cleaning floors, etc.). A sweep space is not required and determining if one is needed depends on your specific application.

Our standard sweep space for our rapid Machine Guarding products is 5-1/4". Other sweep space dimensions are available and standard in custom-built machine guarding systems.

We list the overall height of the partition, which includes a 3-1/4" sweep space beneath the wire partition panels, the 8' panel, and a 2" post projection above the wire panels for a total height of 8'5-1/4".

No, all of our ceilings areΒ non-load bearing.

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