Industry Solutions

Below, please find common and custom applications that our USA-made wire products solve for a variety of industry types. You will find many of our common cage solutions throughout our online store, but these ideas may also help provide a better understanding of our capabilities. Creating custom wire solutions is part of our standard day, so please don't hesitate to reach out with your precise measurements, access preferences, and requirements.

Facility Safety & Security

Driver and Employee Entrance Door Cages

Shop our standard facility driver cages or request a custom quote below. Driver and employee entrance cages quickly elevate employee security and are fast and economical to install.

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Tool Cribs

Tool crib cages help protect and keep yourย valuablesย safe and secure. Reduce potential theft and ensure that tools and materials are properly locked up and back in their designated places toย minimize downtime searching for, or replacing your tools. Shop standard tool cribs now.

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Storage Cages

Wire storage cages, available in 2, 3, or 4-wall construction, help secure your valuable resources from theft and damage. Use existing walls to reduce the cage walls required and contact us to customize the size or door type you need to optimize the cage in your space and workflow. Shop standard online cages now or request a quote to customize.

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DEA Cages and Partitions

Level III to V Controlled Substance Storage

Our DEA partitions are ideally suited for pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities, distribution centers, record storage, drug warehouses, and more. When properly installed, our partitions meet the US Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) requirements for physical security of Schedule III through V controlled substances as outlined in Title 21 CFR Sections1301.72-1301.76 physical security controls.

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Data Centers & Server Cages

Server Division, Air Flow, and Security

Our server cages are ideal for quickly securing and separating your servers and expensive computer equipment. Our systems are even easy to reconfigure as your technology or equipment needs change over time.

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Gym and Athletic Storage

Protect Members and Equipment

Let us design a custom partition or cage to ensure your sporting areas, gyms, and mezzanines are properly protected and that your equipment stays secure.

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Institutional Separation

Room and Space Separation

Easily secure rooms from theft, misuse after hours, or unwanted guests by quickly installing economical partitions and doors to protect store rooms or other spaces in schools, universities, or other organizations.

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File, Property, and Evidence Enclosures

Enclosures for Organizations, Condos, and Government Agencies

Easily section off existing rooms, or create a self-contained secured storage enclosure with our enclosure solutions to safely store files, property, engineering samples, or important evidence.

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Supervised Holding Cells

Temporary Holding Cell Systems

Used to build holding cells in correctional and detention centers, our holding cell products are designed for supervised temporary confinement. Our strong wire panels can be configured to meet the unique needs of each facility utilizing standard parts.

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Custom Cages and Partitions

Customize Size, Materials, Door Types, Locks, Colors, and More...

From adjustable panels that make it easier to get it perfectly flush in your space to metal or polycarbonate panel fill, we can create the perfect partition solution for your space.

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Learn about more of our industry solutions

From ergonomic safety equipment, pallet racking, and material handling equipmentโ€“we are your source for industrial handling and storage.

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