How to Quickly Enhance the Security of Facility Entrances

Have you ever had non-employee personnel wandering your floor or shipping/receiving areas looking to get a signature or locate a bathroom? While they may have a reason to be in your facility, not controlling their access can lead to potential issues such as injury, theft, and employee safety concerns–as well as possibly being an insurance risk.

We have unfortunately heard many stories of unauthorized personnel walking into active fork truck areas, checking out impressive machinery or materials, and even wandering into the front offices in search of bathrooms. All of these situations create unnecessary risk for your business and can also make your own employees unsure of who is in the building.

In today's world, taking measures to keep employees safe is paramount. One simple and economical way of adding both security and safety to your facility is to install access cages around entrances at risk of non-employee usage. These typically include your shipping and receiving areas where drivers are frequently in-and-out to pick up and make deliveries, visitor entrances, and other "open" door areas off your distribution center or factory floor (break areas, etc.).

Our wire mesh facility access cages create a secure surrounding around entry doors and are relatively fast to install–without the need for expensive construction. Simply use existing your existing wall(s) and the provided hardware to have a secure and controlled access point installed around entrances. Typical construction includes a three-sided cage that adjoins an exterior wall with an entry door on it. 

We provide a variety of standard-size access cages online, but can also custom-design them for your precise size and feature requirements. Our standard facility access cages feature a service window and shelf for paperwork, a push bar exit on the hinged door (only on the warehouse side of the door for security), and our signature 2" x 1" 10 gauge woven wire mesh–which is strong enough for any industrial security cage requirement. The woven wire is then welded to a durable steel frame for strength.

Features and options of our access cages:

  • Full-width push bar for exit from the warehouse side
  • Service window with shelf for paperwork pass-through
  • Coded push button entry lock available
  • Remote-controlled electric latch release available
  • Wall and ceiling panels constructed of 10 gauge wire, 2" x 1" rectangular opening
  • Steel support posts 2" square
  • Posts have welded-on base-plate for lagging to the floor
  • Walls have a minimum 1-1/2" horizontal reinforcement at least every 60 inches
  • Additional options include: steel benches for larger cages, additional service windows, ceilings, and electronic lock types

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