How Long Do Wire Cages Take to Install?

When you make the decision to invest in the safety of your facility and your employees by purchasing wire partitions and cages, the next thought will inevitably be “How long will it take to install my wire cages?”. At Wire Cage USA, we deliver quality USA-made products designed and constructed to provide years of safety and security–while also saving you installation time and costs compared to competitors’ products. To that end, we know that being able to budget time and plan operations around the installation of new equipment is crucial to the continued success of any business. 

Our installation times vary based on the size and nature of your order, but a good rule is to account for 8 minutes of installation for every linear foot of cage or partition, 1 hour for each door, and about 30 minutes per panel of wire cage ceiling. These estimates are for actual assembly and installation and do not include time for unloading, staging, and cleanup. 

10' x 8' Standard Cage with Sliding Door

For example, a standard 10' x 8' cage with a sliding door and no ceiling would require 40 linear feet of cage (10’ per side x 4 sides) at 320 minutes to install. The single door would add 60 minutes, bringing the grand total to 380 minutes, or 6.3 hours.  

Before your installers arrive to build your new wire cage or partition, make sure you do these things to avoid adding additional time to your installation: 

  1. Clear any obstruction from the area in which your cage or partition is to be installed, this includes inventory, machines, equipment, and anything else that is not secured in place and intended to be encased or protected by the wire caging. Clearing the space ahead of time allows the installers to focus on the job and spend less time staging the cage area. 
  2. Clean the floors or walls, and retouch paint or floor lines/markings where the wire cage or partition will be mounted and attached. This helps to make sure the surface is clean and free of anything that might damage or hinder the installation process and keeps the installation environment maintained. 
  3. If a partition is being installed around robotic equipment or production lines, ensure that the production lines and robotic equipment are powered down to eliminate any accidents involving moving parts. 
  4. Designate a go-to person available throughout the installation to answer questions the installers may have about plant operations. This person should be able to clarify any questions about the desired results of the installation as well. 

Wire cages are an important investment in the safety, security, and flow of your operations. For more information, read other blogs like this in our On the Wire blog. Wire cages, partitions, and more can be found here. 

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