How to Easily Improve Your Warehouse Safety

Companies remained focused on increased safety in their warehouse and facilities. They are constantly looking for ways to protect their greatest asset, their people. Pallet rack systems can be found in almost all distribution centers, warehouses, industrial facilities, and storage facilities. They are a key factor in the organization of a space and have a large impact on a company’s process. Pallet racks tend to be high-traffic areas because they are accessed by employees regularly throughout shifts. RackBack safety panels are a quick and easy way to increase your employee’s safety.

RackBack Safety panels are constructed from 10-gauge heavy-duty steel wire that is welded in a 2” x 2” rectangular mesh design. The panels are handcrafted in the United States and all panels and assembly equipment ship within 3 business days and install directly onto existing pallet rack systems. Your inventory will be contained and RackBack will prevent injuries and damages that can occur from falling packages, pallets, and materials.

The panels are designed to have a quick and easy installation in mind. The mounting clips required for assembly are sold separately and come in various sizes, from flush mount to 6” long offset, to allow for any necessary material overhang. 1 pack of clips per panel will need to be purchased for installation. The panels feature adjustable holes for mounting flexibility and can also be stacked to create a safety wall. RackBack panels should be placed on racking systems that are in walkways and employee-frequented areas to increase safety. The welded wire mesh creates a barrier between your products and human capital for heightened warehouse safety. Your products will also be protected and the risk of crushing or deformation with proper pallet stacking systems will be limited. RackBack adds stability to your pallet rack systems making stacking and storing products safe and easy for the facilities to create a trusted organized solution warehouse. The increased organization in your facility will help keep your products exactly where they need to be allowing you to optimize picking processes.

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