How Many Sides Does My Cage Need?

Our wire cage and partitions kits are made from heavy-duty 10-gauge wire that is woven into a 2” x 1” rectangular mesh pattern. Depending on a customer’s specific needs kits come can come complete with either a hinged door or a sliding door to minimize the usage space. When cages are purchased in kits, they come complete withal posts, panels, and necessary hardware for assembly and placement. Cages are sold with or without ceilings depending on the needs of the customer as well. When purchased each kit will ship fully palletized with instructions. The main differentiator when shopping for cages is how many walls are needed. The answer to this question is dependent on the blueprint of your space and the desired usage of the cage.  We offer cages that are 2-sided , 3-sided, and 4-sided, below you will find the key differentiator and read about ideas for placement in your facility.

2-Sided Wire Partition Cage Kits or Two-wall corner cages require 2 existing facility walls to be anchored to. The optimal placement for two-wall cages is in the corner of an existing facility. This will create a fully secure cage for your to store equipment, products, and materials while fully utilizing your existing walls and space.

3 Sided Wire Partition Cage Kits are only required to anchor to 1 existing wall in a facility. This allows for placement on the outside walls of a building and is based on where a cage is needed. You are not confined to a corner placement like you are with the 2-sided cages. The existing wall is used as the back of the cages and tool storage can be easily added for a safe and secure option.

4-Sided Wire Partition Cage Kits are fully freestanding and can be placed anywhere in a facility. This allows for an easier purchase decision and can be based solely on need. The cages come in many sizes and can be customized to fit exactly the needs of your space.

You can filter cage options by side through our quick filtering options. In addition to the kits featured online, we can customize a cage to fit your needs, this could include a different door style, a larger footprint, or sides needed.  We also offer additional lock options upon request such as a digital keypad, electric strike, proximity readers, and more. Contact us today with any questions or to start your custom cage quote.


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